Start getting involved

As wines become excellent or stay mediocre depending significantly on the terroir and on the winemaker, the same way we humans develop successfully or stay mediocre depending significantly also on the ecosystem around and on how we contribute to it.

We are the only ones responsible for creating the ecosystem though so instead of lamenting on how others are better (be it Singapore or South Korea or Finland with their education system, be it USA with their top business school and Silicon Valley and Unicorns, be it Italy or France with the landscapes, wine, food, cars, fashion etc.) …we should look on what can WE do better starting…now.

None of the admired above had these “advantages” from the beginning. They have created them. Their people have created them no matter if they were authorities, teachers, architects, doctors etc. With passion, common sense, hard work, courage, compassion, responsibility and most importantly, with quality education. Start getting involved today if you want our children and grandchildren to be proud living here.

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