Why would we separate work from …life?

Talking recently to a friend of mine about the mental models of leadership, about adaptability, about navigating today’s “waters” and the mindset required for it, I realized the “work – life balance” concept is totally… stupid. Especially in times when most of us look more and more for meaningfulness in our lives (both at work and outside work).

Why would we separate work from …life? Why would work be out of life? What stops us from creating a work environment and behaving in such a way that stakeholders find valuable investing their time into it? Why do so many people use this expression without challenging it, without reflecting on its impact on their mind/set?

What do you think? Is it just a way to shorten “Work and personal life balance” or is it just me who believes there is a connection with the mindset within many companies and with the leadership models, many of them outdated?

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