About Radu Manolescu

My mission is to have a memorable and positive impact in the lives of the people I work with, their business and society. While I consider profits essential for the growth and development of any business, I also believe that greed destroys value and we should guard against falling into this trap.
As the founder and Managing Partner of K.M.Trust & Partners, I work with leaders and organizations to increase awareness about this by helping them focus on and actually live their moral values when they hire, retain, promote and develop their people.

A few years ago I initiated an education focused NGO – AVE (www.ave-romania.ro) together with some wonderful people. Our common objective is to involve the business community in working together with schools and the Romanian authorities with the purpose of having the Romanian education system recognized as among the top 10 best in Europe by 2035. Today AVE works closely with the most relevant NGOs in the field of education, NGOs which have chosen the same mission and goals, for a faster impact and scalability.

I also believe that all of us should contribute towards the introduction of a formal training program on compassion and kindness in schools.

Some of my passions are stakeholder value creation, education, neuroscience, gastronomy and wine, etc.

I am married & have 2 kids – a daughter and a son whom I adore.

To learn more about our team and services please check out www.kmtrust.com or connect with me on LinkedIn.