In Search of Meaning

In Search of Meaning

Many of us feel we are at a point in our lives when the presence of meaning at work has become essential. Or, maybe, its absence has started to be incredibly annoying…?

Not that it didn’t matter earlier, but as we have “grown up” a bit more, especially since many of us have achieved a decent level of financial well-being, we’ve come to realize happiness and non-financial well-being haven’t always come in the same “package”.

Of course, happiness is subjective, but that is not the point of this article so let’s begin…

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Why would we separate work from …life?

Talking recently to a friend of mine about the mental models of leadership, about adaptability, about navigating today’s “waters” and the mindset required for it, I realized the “work – life balance” concept is totally… stupid. Especially in times when most of us look more and more for meaningfulness in our lives (both at work and outside work).

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