Why would we separate work from …life?

Talking recently to a friend of mine about the mental models of leadership, about adaptability, about navigating today’s “waters” and the mindset required for it, I realized the “work – life balance” concept is totally… stupid. Especially in times when most of us look more and more for meaningfulness in our lives (both at work and outside work).

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Why isn’t mental fitness a solid trend yet?

Despite the fact 99% of the people I meet complain about stress and about feeling often overwhelmed, the majority still focuses on physical fitness to reduce stress – which is great and does a lot in this direction yet not enough.

As we all know, the one big missing piece in the education system is the fact that it hasn’t yet incorporated mind training in the curriculum despite solid research evidence showing its incredible benefits. and despite neuroscientists (and not only) having been writing tons of books about “mental fitness” being critical for a healthy life and better relationships – actually the ultimate goal for most of us.

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